LiveCosts only deals with original PDF documents and you can only have one invoice per PDF document. You can not use copies. In this article, we take a look at how to split PDF documents that may contain more than one invoice.

Step 1

We have a PDF that contains 22 invoices. We need to split this document up into single PDF documents which contains one invoice each.

Step 2

Go to

Step 3

Go to 'Split PDF' on the homepage.

Step 4

You will be brought to the page seen in the image below. Upload your file and follow the steps described in the image.

Step 5

You will now be brought to the page where you can split your PDF document up, select the 'Split All' button as seen in the image below. Once this is done, select the Save button.

Step 6

Your document will now be processed. This should only take a second. You will then be brought to the page seen in the image below. You now have the option to download each document which will contain one PDF each.

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