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Add Labour Hours ( In-App )
Add Labour Hours ( In-App )

Add Labour hours to your Project/Phase from your mobile

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Labour Hours have 3 statuses in our mobile app

  • Draft

  • On-Hold

  • Approved

All new hours that are created in the app will be created in Draft form for approval in the main desktop application. To create a Draft labour costs:

  1. Click on "+" on any of the labour indexes

2. Click "Add New Labour Hours" on the log index

3. Populate the following fields

Labour Date

The day the labour occured


All employee listed from the main application

Unpaid Minutes

Number of minutes to be excluded from the time entry


Where the cost is to be assigned


What part of the project the cost is to be assigned


Start Time


Finish Time


Optional Description of work

Note: if there is any missing information such as a Project or Phase it may be that this has just been added to the main app and has not synced to the mobile yet.

Just return to the index and drag down to sync or go to settings and click "Sync with Main App" to get the latest information

4. To repeat the entry for the next day simply click here

5. Once all entries are complete click "Save These Hours"

6. Success your labour hours have been sent for approval. To edit the hours click on the pencil on the right hand side of the entry

7. If time entries overlap with previous entries you will be given a warning message similar to the message below.

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