1. Click on the Integrations card in the Livecosts settings area again

  2. Now click Manage

3. This is the area where we can see our imported items and manage new imports.

Lets import a supplier, click on Manage

4. Here you will see all of the suppliers you have imported from Xero. Lets import a supplier. Click on Import Suppliers from Accounts

5. Here you will see all of the suppliers available for import from Xero. When you authenticated we imported your chart of accounts. As above in the highlighted dropdown, select what ledger you would like the supplier documents created under. When we sync a purchase order or a supplier invoice later they will be created under this account. Select the account and click Import

6. By clicking on the Xero icon in the supplier index you will be brought to that supplier in Xero

7. Employees, Chart of Accounts items & Tax Rates are all imported in exactly the same way.

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