It is important to note that the supplier contact must be linked to Xero before syncing their documents.

  1. At the end of the supplier name you may see a green link icon. This will give you a hint if this supplier is linked with Xero. If not you will see a red X

2. Click on the sync button on the document row, highlighted above.

Hint: if the button is orange you have not synced this document before

Hint: if the button is Green it has been synced previously

3. You can update Purchase orders & Supplier invoices that have been synced with Xero previously. If you make a change in Livecosts just re-sync the document and it will update the version in Xero.

4. You will be presented with options to create within Xero. Select and click Sync with Accounting Partner

5. After a successful synchronization you will notice the sync button is green.

After refreshing the page you will see a new button appear highlighted above. This is a deep link to Xero that will open Xero in another tab and show you the created document. Click on this.

6. Success, your document has been created in Xero with all line items, tax rates, accounts and the attached. All arrived with no entry.

7. We have also added a deep link ( highlighted above ) to open the document back in Livecosts

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