How do I Connect to Xero ?

Connect to Xero in the Livecosts settings. Check out this Article.

What steps do i take to get started ?

  1. Connect with Xero.

  2. Link your tax rates see here

  3. Link your Suppliers see here

  4. Import your Chart of accounts see here

  5. Sync your Documents see here

Reach out to if you need any help.

How do I Disconnect to Xero ?

In Livecosts go to Xero Settings and click Disconnect as shown below

you can also disconnect from Livecosts in Xero settings as below.

What doesn’t your integration do?

Livecosts currently only deals with Purchase orders & Supplier Invoices. We integrate with Xero to create and update these documents. Check out this dataflow article to see what's possible.

Livecosts allows for a manual sync to Xero. Once you are happy that a document has completed its Livecosts workflow. One click will re-create the document in Xero.

Check out this article for more info.

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