Costs from an invoice can be applied to a project in 2 ways :

  1. Where an invoice belongs to a purchase order

  2. Where an invoice's costs are applied directly to a project ( a non-P/O invoice )

To Create a non-P/O Invoice

  1. On the Supplier Invoice form un-check "This Invoice has a Purchase Order" as below.

2. This will disable the Purchase order and associated delivery tabs

3. The Cost Type field will appear in the form for your selection

4. Populate the form and select your status

5. Search for your invoice in the index

6. The invoice costs have been added to the Project's / Phase's with no purchase order.

Please Note: All invoices with a status of ‘draft' do not contribute to a project’s costs. Once updated to 'on-hold' or 'approved' the costs will appear in the project.

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