By default the Stock area of Livecosts is empty as there are no items in stock.

To Manually Create a Stock Item.

  1. Click on "+ New Stock Item"

2. Stock has a close relationship with your Catalogue so you need to select a Catalogue Category for your Stock Items.

3. Once you have selected your category you will be brought to the new form. Click on the "Search Catalogue Category" button to add an item from that catalogue category or you can create an item from the new form.

Please note: If you create a new item from the new form, the Stock Item will also be created in the catalogue category.

4. If selecting an item from the Catalogue, click on the item you want and enter a quantity. Click "Add Catalogue Item"

5. Select a Location for the stock and click "Save"

6. Success. Your stock item is created and is available for your "from stock" Purchase Orders.

Also see Create Stock Items ( Through a P/O )

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