1. Go to the Cost Center and click "+ New Supplier Invoice"

2. Populate the Supplier name, Project and Phase Fields

3. Click the "Attach Purchase Order Here" button

4. You will be shown a list of Purchase Orders belonging to that Project & Phase for that Supplier. Click "Attach P/O" for the P/O that is relevant to this invoice

5. Populate the Line Item(s) as per the invoice

6. Populate the Supplier Invoice Number & Date and attach the invoice copy

7. Select your invoice status

Please Note: All invoices with a status of ‘draft' do not contribute to a project’s costs. Once updated to 'on-hold' or 'approved' the costs will appear in the project.

8. The invoice costs have been added to the Project / Phase and attached to the Purchase Order

9. If you check the Purchase Order Index you will see the Invoices total has been deducted from the Purchase Orders original amount. You can add multiple Supplier Invoices to a Purchase Order.

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