Please note: Files must be in .PDF format

  1. Send your PDF Invoice from your email to your Livecosts email address

2. On arrival Livecosts will Scan your Invoice. This generally takes 30 - 50 seconds per invoice. It is recommended to send no more that 10 invoices at a time so they can be scanned and extracted quickly.

3. Check the Scan Status is updated to "Succeeded" and click on the view button

4. Select your Supplier from the dropdown list

If the Supplier does not exist yet

  • Click + New

  • Click on the highlighted Supplier Name

  • Drag and Drop as shown below

  • Click Create

5. Check the P/O Number is correct. If not, correct it or Drag & Drop.

( For a Non-Po Invoice just leave this field blank )

6. Check and correct the Date & Invoice Number fields as above

7. If the Total Less Tax + Total tax = Total inc tax

you will be shown a Green Banner

If there is an incorrect calculation you will be shown a Red Banner. Just correct the amounts as before until complete.

8. Livecosts will create 1 line item at your supplier default tax rate. If the tax line item balances with the total click Convert to Invoice.

See more here on Tax Specific Line Items

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