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Create a Catalogue Item
Create a Catalogue Item

Create a new catalogue item from a line item or from the catalogue

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2 Ways to create a new catalogue item from a line item or from the catalogue

Create a catalogue item from a line item

In an document

  • Purchase Orders

  • Supplier Invoices

  • Credit notes

  • Requests for Quotations

Create a line Item and populate

  • Product Code

  • Unit

  • Description

  • Unit Price

  • Then click "+Add"

  • Select the Category the item will belong to

  • Select the Subcategory ( if one exists )

  • Add or create a tag

  • Select a project if this price is specific to one project

  • Add a reference ( ie Quote Number ) if there is a project specific price

  • Note : Reference is used to identify where the project specific price came from

  • Click "Save"

Once saved, the Line item will update to show it category

Create a catalogue item from the catalogue

  • Go to the required category

  • Click "+ New Catalogue Item"

  • Populate the form as per below details


This will be selected from your chosen catalogue

Sub Category

If one exists


Select the supplier this item comes from

Product Code

Required field

Existing Tag

Select an existing tag

Enter a New Tag

A new tag ( a tag is another description for this item )


Enter your product description

Quantity Unit

Each, Bag, roll, m2 etc

Unit Price

Price for 1 item

Default Tax Rate

Tax rate to be used for this item

Default Account

Used when posting to an accounting software

  • Click on "Save Catalogue Item"

  • Note: Catalogue items are stored with a default unit price. If your price is specific to a particular project see our project specific prices article here.

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